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One Cube CRM is a leading provider of customer relationship management solutions tailored for businesses of all sizes. Our comprehensive suite of tools encompasses social media marketing, client management, project oversight, and client feedback aggregation. We empower businesses to cultivate and sustain robust customer relationships through our CRM platform, facilitating seamless communication with employees and clients.


Our team at One Cube CRM devised an innovative solution to address this challenge:

  1. Integrated Gmail: We seamlessly integrated Gmail functionality, allowing the CRM system to display only emails from organization users related to specific tasks. This integration eliminated clutter and ensured users received pertinent email updates within the CRM platform.
  2. Customized Dashboard: We developed a user-friendly, customized dashboard that provided at-a-glance insights into ongoing tasks, deals, and projects. This dashboard became the central hub for monitoring business activities and tracking progress.
  3. Data Analytics: We incorporated robust data analytics capabilities into the CRM platform to empower businesses with data-driven decision-making. Users could extract valuable insights from their CRM data, enabling smarter business choices.

Project Initiation:

This project was initiated and spearheaded by a dedicated individual within our organization. The project was meticulously overseen, from architectural planning to successful completion.

Major Challenge

One Cube CRM faced the challenge of creating a dynamic CRM system that would revolutionize how businesses manage their operations. The goal was to provide a comprehensive solution that streamlined communication and task management.

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