Sensyrtech- AI Solutions for Smart Maintenance


Sensytech is powered by Sentinyl, Sensyrtech is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) application which specially designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency in industrial settings through predictive maintenance, asset monitoring and asset tracking solutions


Meshlogix provided artificial intelligence(AI) solutions to solve their problems. We collaborated with the Sentinyl team to implement advanced AI-driven content moderation tools like Regression Learning for the prediction. The solution involved machine learning algorithms to predict and identify problems before it happened.

Key Features:

  1. Predictive Maintenance: Meshlogix's AI algorithms analyze historical assets data, sensor readings, and maintenance logs to predict when asset is likely to fail. By identifying early warning signs of potential issues, industries can proactively schedule maintenance activities to prevent costly breakdowns.
  2. Machine Learning Models: Meshlogix utilizes machine learning models, including regression analysis, time series forecasting, and assets of different value like temperature, pressure, and water overflow etc with the help of IoT devices, to analyze complex data patterns and predict asset failures with high accuracy.
  3. Sensor Integration: The AI solutions seamlessly integrate with sensor networks like Temperature sensor, Humidity sensor, pressure sensors, vibration sensors and many more to continuously monitor equipment health and performance in real-time. Sensor data is fed into the AI models, enabling proactive maintenance decision-making based on real-time insights.
  4. Condition Monitoring: Meshlogix's AI solutions provide real-time monitoring of equipment condition, allowing industries to track key performance indicators with the help of different Threshold settings at different sensor levels and detect abnormalities or deviations from normal operating conditions. This enables early intervention and preventive maintenance actions to be taken before asset failure occurs.

Key Outcomes:

  1. Reduced Downtime: By implementing predictive maintenance solution, Sensytech experienced reduced 100% downtime and minimized production blockers due to asset failures.
  2. Cost Savings: Proactive maintenance practices results in reduced maintenance expenses, as unplanned repairs and emergency maintenance activities by technicians are significantly reduced.
  3. Improved Equipment Reliability: The AI-driven maintenance solutions help improve asset reliability and asset life by addressing maintenance needs before the asset failure.
  4. Enhanced Productivity: With optimized maintenance schedules and resource allocation, Sensyrtech was able to enhance productivity because of reduced asset downtime and in result productivity increase with profitability .
  5. Safety and Compliance: By ensuring equipment reliability and minimizing operational risks, Meshlogix's AI solutions help industries maintain compliance with safety regulations and quality standards.


Throughout the partnership with Meshlogix solutions, sensyrtech is operating in smart manufacturing environments which can overcome the challenge of efficient maintenance practices and achieve operational excellence. By using advanced AI-driven predictive maintenance solutions, industries can proactively identify maintenance needs, minimize downtime, and optimize resource allocation, thereby maximizing productivity and profitability while ensuring equipment reliability and safety.

Major Challenge

One of the significant challenges faced by Sensyrtech in smart manufacturing environments is the efficient maintenance of machines or assets. Traditional maintenance approaches often lead to unexpected breakdowns, resulting in costly downtime, production delays, increased maintenance expenses and manpower. Predictive maintenance can preempt asset/machine failures, maximizing productivity and minimizing asset/machine downtime.

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