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TakeCharge is designed to showcase our comprehensive suite of products and services that empower businesses to take control of their energy usage, reduce costs, and minimize their environmental impact.

At TakeCharge, we offer a complete range of energy management solutions that enable organizations to optimize their energy consumption, monitor energy usage in real-time, and implement sustainable practices.

Our advanced software platform provides complete access to a wide range of features, including:

  1. Energy Monitoring and Visualization: Our platform offers real-time data visualization of energy consumption, performance, and spikes. Users can easily track their energy usage, identify trends, and make informed decisions to optimize their energy consumption.
  2. Alerts and Notifications: Our platform sends real-time alerts via SMS and email, keeping users informed about any unusual energy consumption patterns or equipment malfunctions, allowing for proactive action to be taken.
  3. Asset Tracking and Fleet Management: Our platform includes a comprehensive asset tracking system that allows users to monitor their assets, whether they are mobile assets, vehicles, or indoor equipment. Fleet management features provide insights into vehicle telematics and optimize asset usage.
  4. Custom Solutions and Integration: We offer flexible cloud solutions, including integration with popular cloud providers such as Azure and AWS. Our team of experts can also provide custom solutions architecture, analysis of business use cases, and dedicated support from conception to deployment.
  5. Security and Maintenance: TakeCharge prioritizes data security and provides advanced security features, including AES-128 encryption, centralized ingest with network servers, and malware prevention. The platform also includes smart maintenance features, such as technician assignments, work orders, and preventative maintenance scheduling.

At TakeCharge, we take pride in our state-of-the-art technology, industry-leading features, and commitment to sustainability. Our solutions are designed to help businesses of all sizes take charge of their energy management, reduce costs, and contribute to a greener future.


Do you only need the accounting module? Our accounting module is as secure as where Americans keep their gold! - In addition, it is super easy to learn and use, regardless of whether you are an accounting professional or a beginner. You will find all the usual functions such as automatic accounting, charts of accounts and reports, in addition you will certainly appreciate some smart functions such as copying verification, importing and exporting to Excel and not least our appreciated mini ledger! Yes, it's completely free! No time limit, and no limit on the number of verifications.

Contact: csm@meshlogixsolutions.com

Major Challenge

User adoption and change management: Encouraging users to adopt the CRM system and embrace new processes and tools was challenging. Resistance to change, lack of training, and complex user interfaces can hinder user adoption, which may ultimately result in underutilization of the CRM system and reduced effectiveness in managing customer relationships.


To address this challenge, organizations have prioritized change management efforts, including clear communication, training programs, and user-friendly interfaces. Involving key stakeholders early in the CRM development process, addressing concerns, and demonstrating the benefits of the CRM system helped in gaining user buy-in and driving successful user adoption.

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