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We have worked with Sinpas GYO to create the modern Design in advance technologies to accomplish pace and sustainability to get the best out of their website. Let’s see how they work:

“Sinpas GYO was established in 2007 in order to implement the corporate governance principles of Sinpa?, which has been rising on the foundations of expertise, trust, quality, originality, love of nature and people in the construction sector since 1974, and to spread its capital to the base. While Sinpa? REIC was being established, some of Sinpa?'s ongoing projects continued under the name of Sinpa? Yap?, and different projects were also implemented.

In all of the projects implemented by both companies to date, it is the first priority to offer natural living spaces that are in harmony with the environment, intertwined with blue and green, in order to leave a beautiful future for children. Each project; The concept is interpreted separately with its architecture, landscape and social facilities and adds value to the area it is located in because it is in harmony with its environment.

Having the idea of housing marketing, Sinpa?, for the first time in Turkey, cared about the landscape outside the house and discovered that there can be a lifestyle and socialization outside the house. Again, for the first time in Turkey, waters, lakes and pools appeared in Sinpa?'s projects and became the attraction of the sites. The first long-term and first-deposit-free housing sales started with Sinpa?. Like many firsts, Sinpa? made the innovation of being able to purchase housing for diaspora and foreigners living abroad by using the housing finance of the country they live in.

Unique projects developed and projects that add value to Turkey by enlarging both the brand identity and financial identity of Sinpa? with numerous awards won were produced. Sinpa? has approached each of its projects as a separate work of art and opened the doors of a new life to more than 80 thousand people.

Sinpa? Holding has decided that Sinpa? Yap? will continue on its way under the roof of Sinpa? GYO since 2018, in order to gather its strength arising from the common values that make the two separate company structuring similar and the experience accumulated in different fields, and to become a more dynamic, more efficient and larger player in the sector. has decided.

Following this decision, with the completion of the legal steps, Sinpas GYO, which has been traded in Borsa Istanbul since 2007, has exceeded 5 billion TL as of 30.09.2019. Many projects completed by Sinpa? REIT in Turkey so far have set an example for the sector and won awards abroad. Aqua City, Bosphorus City, Sancaktepe Lagoon, Aegean Boyu, Sinpa? Country, MetroLife, Queen Bomonti, Gökorman in Istanbul; Incek Life, Incek Blue and Green and Ege Valley in Ankara are some of Sinpa? GYO's completed and ongoing exemplary projects. Each of them has added value to their environment as well as their investors, revitalized the regions and continues to revive them. Istanbul Palaces in Küçükçekmece, Liva, Kelebekia, Köyce?iz in Sancaktepe, Alt?noran and Marina Ankara, Turkey's largest themed project in Ankara, In Denizli, Aqua City is known for its projects, each of which is more unique than the other. Sinpa? Yap? is about to complete the Finance City project, which is the heart of the Istanbul International Finance Center. The Sinpa? Time project, which will rise in the same region, was the first project to be launched after the merger.

Our company will continue to be at the forefront of companies listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange, with the strength of nearly half a century of experience in the construction industry, the emotional bond it has established with its partners and customers, the selectivity in the location and architecture of the projects, and its unique corporate culture.

Our goal is to carry the power of our two companies, which we have combined under the same roof, into the future, by preserving our founding principles and values.”


  1. Home Page: It is the main landing page that provides an overview of the company and its products/services.
  2. About Us: This section provides information about the company's history, mission, values, and team.
  3. Projects: This section showcases the company's real estate projects with detailed descriptions and images.
  4. Services: This section highlights the services offered by the company, such as property management and consultancy.
  5. News & Media: This section provides updates on the company's latest news, events, and media coverage.
  6. Contact Us: This section contains contact information, including the company's address, phone number, and email, to facilitate communication with customers.


  1. Search Functionality: The website has a search bar that allows users to search for specific projects or properties on the website.
  2. Interactive Map: The website features an interactive map that shows the location of Sinpa? projects across Turkey.
  3. Investor Relations:The website has a section dedicated to investor relations, providing information about the company's financial performance, reports, and stock information.
  4. Sustainability: The website highlights Sinpa?'s commitment to sustainability and its efforts towards reducing its environmental impact.
  5. Social Media Integration: The website includes social media icons that allow users to connect with Sinpa?'s social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  6. Careers: The website has a careers section that lists available job openings at Sinpa? and provides information about the company's recruitment process.

Contact: csm@meshlogixsolutions.com

Major Challenge

Lack of Multilingual Support:
The website was not available in multiple languages, which was a barrier for non-Turkish speakers.


We made the website available in multiple languages, including English and Turkish to improve accessibility and attract a wider audience. This was done by translating the website's content and adding language-switching functionality to the website.

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